Amusement Parks

 Beach Village Park Riccione

The Beach Village Riccione offers fun for all tastes and all ages: a mini club, an area with five computer stations where you can play games with SpongeBob, workshops, tournaments, water aerobics, and acquadance and swimming lessons , a snack bar with refreshments of all kinds and the constant presence of a huge and fun and playful  Spongebob will be happy to play with every child.


Ninety thousand square meters of green and three kilometres of thrilling slides with  catchy names such as Kamikaze, Tobogas, Extreme River Twist and Surfin'hill. For the less adventurous there is a large wave pool, a whirlpool, an avenue with nebulizers and areas for children.
 In addition to the attractions, at Aquafan there's animation, music, sports, tournaments and shows of various kinds.


Loved by children, Fiabilandia lives up to its name and is definitely a  fairytale land : The Magic Village, the Valley of the Gnomes, and the Horse Joust and the Pinko Pallino  Play Ground are all attractions that kids love and it will be difficult to deter them.
 For all, the 4d cinema  will be a memorable experience, a very exciting sensory shock .


Fun and learning are combined: the sections of the park are dedicated to various forms of wildlife, from the Dolphin Lagoon to the  Owl's Mill, home to many birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, owls and vultures, led by master falconers. You can also  see  exotic seahorses and a faithful reconstruction of the delta del Po environment.
 Emotions to no end with Adventure Island, including suspension bridges, poles,  water cannons and ropes to hold onto.



A great experience that starts from your eyes: Imax is a film theme park. The screen is as tall as a seven-storey building, occupying a 180 ° field of view, emotions are unique.

Le Navi Acquarium

More than a hundred exhibit tanks in which adults and children will enjoy from very close penguins, sharks, turtles and jellyfish.
 A journey through time and space: the blue route in fact shows the evolution of organic life on Earth, and visitors can observe the reconstruction of the aquatic environments of each area of the world, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Italia in Miniatura

A unique park , that rebuilds Italy and part of Europe in a few acres, housing nearly three hundred faithful reconstructions of monuments in miniature.
 Students can see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then move to Piazza San Marco in Venice, in just few steps. Emme, the mascot of the park, will entertain the little ones.



Italy's  largest amusement park is close to Ravenna and from afar you can see the imposing structure of the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster.
 In addition to these two  "conventional" attractions there are dozens of very specific ones , with names like the Katun, the Columbia and iSpeed??.